An Outlet for Teachers

The first UDATC meeting I went to I did not know what to expect. I heard the rumors, but still didn’t expect to see a giant stuffed bear standing in the corner of the classroom the meetings are held. Oddly enough, that bear doesn’t distract from the importance and fun of the meetings. 

I love the meetings between UDHS and Arcadia because as a person who wants to become a teacher, I’m able to see the support teachers show each other when one is having a problem. It’s support that is needed so we all know how to be effective at our jobs. Everyone shares ideas on how to fix a lesson or make it stronger, questions are answered about supplementary materials, and there’s always tons of jokes which makes the meetings fun

Everyone has the opportunity to write a question down and put it in a glass jar and Dr. Gustavson picks papers at random. Then the question is read aloud, and the group has two minutes (in order) to comment. If an extension is needed after the two minutes are up, someone calls for an extension and then it has to be seconded. 

I don’t say much when I’m at the meetings because I’m really there to soak up what everyone else has to say. There are so many good people and so many good ideas in that meeting. It’s a collection of minds and these minds come up with amazing ideas.

I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity to observe the laughter and the struggles. 


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